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Story time Saturday: I get a dog

Published January 31, 2015 by GenYMission

When I was a child…

My parents must have wanted me to be a dog person. We didn’t have a pet for the first three years of my life (We did get a goldfish for a brief 24 hour period, who was lovingly named ‘Goldie’ but that hadn’t lasted long)

My parents did tell me they had a dachshund named Frank before I was born, but got rid of him because he was a mean dog.

My parents were dog people though, so by the time I was three, they must have decided they wanted me to grow up with a dog.

So, for my third birthday we went to the house of a dog breeder, who bred Golden Retrievers. I was excited, because there was a fenced in area with a whole bunch of fuzzy puppies running around and I thought I’d get to choose my own.

But before I could walk up to the fence and pick my soul mate, the lady was back and I turned and she already had a puppy in her arms. She told me this puppy would be going home with me.

I was a little disappointed because I had wanted a girl puppy and this one was a boy. But, I decided that any puppy would do, and this one looked pretty fluffy anyways.

I knew that the puppy needed a name, so before we got home, I had a bunch of names already whirling around inside my 3-year-old brain.

Should we call him… Goldie… no that was goldfishie’s name… Cookie?…no someone might try to eat him…

“Flashlight!” I exclaimed finally

“What?” My mom replied.

“His name should be Flashlight” I answered enthusiastically “Or tiny”

But after discussion, my parents did not go along with my hard thought out names, but convinced me that “Sampson” was a much more suitable name for this dog.

I ended up agreeing.

I suppose he ended up with that name because Sampson in the Bible was strong and brave, however this dog could not have been more the opposite.

Retrievers  love water, right? Not this one!

We tried to bathe him or throw him in my foot deep kiddie pool a few times, but he would run away with his tail between his legs.

He was also afraid of cats, once my dad took him out to the garage to chase away a cat that had gotten in and instead of chasing out the cat, he tucked his tail between his legs and pooped on the floor.

It’s just occurred to me now that this dog and I had some things in common, we both had some strangely irrational fears.

Anyways, besides Sampson’s strange fears as a retriever, he was an incredibly friendly dog, like retrievers are supposed to be.

He would let me or my cousins lay on his back like he was a pillow when we were watching T.V.

Unfortunately only 4 years later, we had to give him up, but that’s another story.

Update post

Published January 28, 2015 by GenYMission

I’ll try and post something else later, and if not, tomorrow, but I thought I’d give you an official update on things going on.

  • I started in Spanish this week, and I think it’s pretty great, I need to do some work to catch myself up, but other than that, it’s going fine.
  • I signed myself up for the blogging 101 and writing 201 “Classes” that WordPress is offering in February, so expect some posts regarding that. I looked through the material for blogging 101 and noticed that I already have done a few things they are going to have us do (Particularly, make an introductory blog post) So maybe on those days, I’ll either reiterate some things, or do something random.
  •  I am currently in the process of creating a real design for Untainted and Odd,I’ll post it whenever I finish it.
  • I’m also trying to write a list of blogging idea’s that I’ll post once I have a good number of them, but I need your help, so please, if you have a good blogging prompt you’d like to share, leave it in the comments or blog jar.
  • I want to make this blog better, and will be incorporating some other idea’s I’ve come up with. If you have any suggestions for my blog, please either leave them in the comments or blog Jar, and I’d really appreciate true feedback.

That will be all for now, Like I said, I’ll post a real post either later today or tomorrow.

Thank you for reading!!!!

A Forgotten Passion (BTW I forgot my title and tags again and had to edit them in here)

Published January 26, 2015 by GenYMission

What have I been doing with my life for the past year??

I realized something today. Or I guess I more remembered it than realized it.

I was digging through old notebooks and I rediscovered something I used to love that I forgot that I loved

I love to wright!!!!!

How COULD I have POSSIBLY forgotten that???

In my old notebooks were all kinds of attempts at journaling and stories that I tried to write.

When I was in middle school I knew I loved to write, and I wrote some as a Freshman, and sophomore but for some reason when I was a junior I just stopped. Now that I have discovered the world of blogging I am technically writing again and every time I go to write a new post I get this excited feeling inside.

I guess I have rediscovered my love for writing, I don’t know if I want to go into fiction writing right now, because I’m currently content just writing about my life right now.

If I ever do write any fiction I’ll let you know.

I really just wanted to say that, because it’s crazy I could have forgotten about that passion.

I would appreciate it if anyone told me if my writing is any good though, because I guess that is one of my new goals on this blog, to grow as a writer.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!!!

I always forget a title…then I have to edit my post and think of one… Same thing happens with tags

Published January 26, 2015 by GenYMission

Exciting news, I received a notification today that told me Untainted and Odd has reached 10 followers.

Though that doesn’t seem like a lot, it’s kinda the most I’ve ever had and Word press thought it was important enough to notify me of the achievement.

So, in honor of this achievement, I thought I should post something special.

The thing is I don’t really have too many special ideas boiling over the tip of my brain.

So, I decided, I’ll save a special post for when I really need it.

Today I’d like to ask something of you.

Although I haven’t yet come to the point where I have zero blog ideas, realize I’m human so I will eventually develop that awful stressful condition known as Writers Block!!!! (Cue creepy music) 

So, just in case that ever happens, I don’t want to go a super long length of time without making many posts, because I think I’m liking being a part of the “Blogosphere”

So, in order to help me and other bloggers out there, I think I’ll make a list of prompts, but I will need help from my dear readers. If you have any questions I could answer or prompt ideas or absolutely anything in the world, please leave it in the comment section, or the blog jar, and I will post a list containing all the ideas.

Hopefully, this will help with writers block for a while.

I appreciate the idea’s and thank you!!!! 🙂

Ideas to share

Published January 25, 2015 by GenYMission

So a while ago I was just minding my own business when suddenly I was struck with one of those crazy ideas.

It started out fairly simple. With a brain.

I came up with this little guy one day in anatomy and physiology 1. I decided he could help me learn about muscle cell contraction.
I like to learn, I really do. Some people may think that’s crazy, but education and wisdom and knowledge are really beautiful things .
Anyways, the idea started to develop in my mind the more I thought about him. I thought, I would start up a comic strip about him and some other things I would draw and they would… Teach. They would teach about language and culture and history and more!

Anyways I immediately sat down and started drawing these things and I had some fun with character development.
I decided I would introduce you all to them, just because I do not really know what else to do with them. So why not put them on my blog?

I kept the brain, he’s really pretty cool. And he knows it.

Sorry if you cannot read my writing. It says
Panel 1: Hello world! I’m a walking talking brain with cool eyebrows and lacking a name.
Panel 2: but what I lack in ‘names’ I make up for in coolness and humility
Panel 3: However, I don’t think it’s very cool to be without a name
Panel 4: Oh good grief! I need one, I need one now!!!
I messed up in the second panel, it actually says ‘brains’ but I meant names. Oh well, these are just some very rough sketches I did.
The brain is the ‘head’ of the whole operation. He gives assignments to teach on to the rest of the team.





These are of the owl, Owlivia. She’s a cool owl, I think. She’s just awkward, and not very confident. She teaches about all kinds of science. Chemistry, biology you name it!
In the fourth panel, you can see she was pranked by the unnamed brain.
He picks on everyone here. Owlivia is pretty fiery when she’s been pranked like this.


Sorry the above picture is sideways. This is Paige, she’s a panda that teaches about language. She could be teaching English, Spanish or Greek.
Her intro is short sweet and to the point. She really lives her job and is an incredibly sweet panda.

Anyways, I have a couple of other characters as well, like an elephant that teaches history, but she’s not very developed yet.
I thought I would put these characters on here because I kind of wanted to see what people thought of them, and I don’t have anywhere else to share them so here you go, I hope you enjoyed this.
P.s. If this post is formatted weird I apologize, this was the first time I tried the wordpress app on my phone so I can’t see how it looks very well.

Dreaming of Answers…

Published January 25, 2015 by GenYMission

Usually dreams don’t speak to me in a significant way that leads me to make decisions or whatever like they do some people. Sleeping  dreams I mean. I don’t usually dream of solutions to my problems.

Last night though, my dream seemed to give me an answer.

Don’t stop reading yet, I’m not too much more crazy than the average person.

I posted a couple of days ago about my schedule and how I was trying to get it changed. The truth was, I wanted to change it, but I didn’t know if God really did want me to.

Anyways, I was pretty torn about this decision. My Anatomy and Physiology teacher obviously wanted me to stay in her room, but didn’t try to push me too hard. The principal was obviously trained in the arts of trying to get me to stay in that class too. All he really did was make me more and more unsure.

I kept asking God to just tell me what he wanted already, but it wasn’t exactly working like the instant communication I wanted it to.

After I fell asleep last night though, I started to dream. A common thing in sleep, but usually my dreams just like to mess with me and have no correlation with real life. This time though, I had a simple dream about me walking into Spanish class and everything seeming to be okay. Or at least I felt the peace that usually means that things are.

(I am a very nervous person, and when something is unsettling, my nerves start jumping out the window)

So when I feel calm, I usually take it as a good sign. A sense of serenity is actually rare in dreams because most dreams come with negative feelings.

Anyways, now I know what I absolutely have to do. I need to switch to Spanish class, and I don’t have any doubt about it.

As for the answer to the question I wondered from the previous blog “How do I know what God is telling me?”

I guess the answer is, he will make things clear when the time is right.