A summary of my previous thoughts on high school

Published January 19, 2015 by GenYMission

Alright, my blog has been up for a whole day now! A little longer than 24 hours actually… I’m not like, counting or anything, seriously. I’ll get over it…

Anyways, somebody asked me a question Via blog jar already, something like how has my past high school experience been. Since this is a blog about my current high school experience, or at least that is a part of the theme of this blog, I suppose it would be good to give you some background of my past high school experience.

I think I will pretend to be an inquisitive reader again, that seemed to make it interesting, maybe not though, so if you hate that I do this, please tell me. ( The Bold, Italicized words are the questions I pretend people ask me)

And once people start asking me questions, I won’t have to pretend anymore… as much.

Anyways, here we go:

So, you’re a Junior in high school. Great. So, what can you tell us about your first day of high school as a Freshman?

Oh boy, what a great question! Let’s see, I am pretty sure as I got out of my mom’s car and walked towards the building I was awed to be an official 9th grader.

As soon as I walked into the building, I was suddenly aware that I was unsure where I fit in. The fact that all 4 grades attending this building were mingled together in one area overwhelmed me.

When the bell rang the hallway was absolute insanity, and I quickly named the high school “The big, scary high school” As it was big, and frankly I found it scary. I continued to call it that for the next two years

. When lunch time came, it was another overwhelming experience, I had no idea where a lone freshman would fit into a high school cafeteria, so I scurried to find a table with other freshman.

I remember distinctly going to choir and the director screamed across the room.

Anyways, I managed to survive my first day of high school and after I fell into the routine, the other days were alright too.

So describe your thoughts over the course of your freshman year. How does this compare to your thoughts as a sophomore, and now, as a junior?

Freshman me:

“I’m so excited to be here!!!!!”

“I’m in the big scary high school now!”

“Oh wow a senior is talking to me!!!!”

“Can I initiate conversations with seniors?”

“I love this place!!! Except the hallways, they are scary”

“I am pretty convinced that seniors eat the souls of Freshman”

“I also do not like the cafeteria”

Ironically enough I did end up befriending a few seniors that year, I look back on my freshman thoughts and I’m convinced I was a total airhead…. Or I watched way to many high school horror stories

Sophomore me:

“I’m still pretty terrified of this place”

“I’m so less enthusiastic than I was as a freshman”

“I don’t like this class!”

“I hate the cafeteria”

“Some of my peers drive me crazy”

“The teachers are alright”

“Why am I in THIS school”

“Why am I in THIS class”

“I’m just going to sit at the back of the room with my group, and we are going to make pointless use of paper”


Obviously I was not too happy about anything as a sophomore, in fact about the only people I liked to talk too, was teachers, my geometry table, people in choir people and my youth group.

Me Now:

“I really love learning”

“I love this class”

“Hooray, I have a study hall!”

“Aww, I had to drop choir”

“I don’t have quite a skewed sense of how high school works anymore.”

“I have friends”

Anyways, my thoughts are pretty different from Freshman year, I struggle still in some areas, but at least I still don’t think that seniors eat the souls of freshman (What a problem that would be next year…)

I got over the thoughts that overwhelmed my mind last year and found that I really like to learn and I have actually come to love my school and my class.

That is really how my thoughts went, without getting too specific.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to leave a question.

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