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Wreck this journal

Published June 9, 2015 by GenYMission

today has been a reeaalllyy sssllloooowwww daaayyyy.

So I decided to take a look at my summer bucket list for some inspiration!

A wreck this journal, I have looked it up is a journal you do random stuff to, just to be creative or whatever. Also to relieve stress and anger and stuff.

Here is the journal that will be used:

As you can see, it was at one time supposed to be my weekend planner journal. That never happened and it’s practically empty.

(You have to look closely to see weekend planner scrawled out in pencil)

It has about 83 pages (counting front and back as one page) I probably lost track a couple of times though so it might not be completely accurate!

So this will be the journal you will see me wreck. First, I need to design a better cover for it, then, figure out what will happen to the pages inside! Here are a few ideas!

1:glitter (because glitter)

2: fill a page with circles

3: color an entire page

4: zen tangles 

5:make a list of favorite words

6: write backwards

7: write a word over and over

8: page of 5 letter words

9: trace my hand

10: draw on the entire page using one line, not overlapping

11: add some page numbers

12: glue magazine pics to a page 

13:paint with fingernail polish


Honestly, there’s a lot of pages in this journal, so I need help coming up with more ideas. Come on readership! Don’t be shy!

Comment some ideas for the what you’d like me to do to this thing!

Also, what should I do to the cover?

If you inspire me with an idea, I will mention you in a post dedicated to that page (and link to your blog)

The same goes for the bucket list! (Just to remind you about that, if you want to add to it)

Anyways, your all totally awesome, and great people!

Thank you for reading, once again, each and every one of you! 😉