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A post that I wrote in 2015 That I’m publishing 2 years later

Published April 2, 2017 by GenYMission

Hello Readers!

This post has been sitting in my draft file for 2 years, and I have no idea why I didn’t publish it. It’s a full post, so like… oh well… anyway, anything not bolded is what I said then, and bold voice is me interjecting two years later.

So… blogging is a learning experience. I have learned not to promise blog posts when I have a bunch of serious assignments due. So I think I’m just not going to promise posts for a pretty long time. 🙂

Anyways, I feel bad for not updating in a while. I’ve been working on my senior research project (which I did on how Asperger’s syndrome affects ability to communicate which was really interesting!)

How often have I said my blog posts need a point? pretty much every time I make a post.

Although as you can see from a couple of posts on here (like 2, literally) I have tried constructing what one would assume to be a “real blog post” before and I hated it because it felt so fake!

I’m never going to get the traffic for a real domain writing in the scatterbrained way that I do… oh well.. it’s pretty much torture trying to write in any other unnatural way.

This is funny, because posting in this unnatural way is why I cannot post in a different voice. I’ve tried several times, which I mentioned in my hiatus post. It didn’t go well.

Did I just say I was looking into a real domain? Yes I did, but not for a long time, as I’ve still got a lot to learn about blogging (Like everything) but looking at the plugins and things available through just gets me excited. Someday I might go in that direction (I will not be using the domain Untainted and Odd in any way shape or form if and when I do so jokes on you if you think about buying this domain before me 🙂 )

I still think it would be cool to have a real domain. No idea what I’d do with it, probably blog or something, but right now I’m not really sure how well that would go.

I am currently on the last week of my first semester of my last year of high school (translation: I’m halfway through my senior year!)

I’m 3/4th’s done with my freshman year of college!

Someday I should actually find some real content to post about instead of just balling all of my thoughts together and posting them as I do… That is not a promise… just a thought 🙂

My brain is still less put together than any post I’ve ever written, in case you were all wondering.

That will come someday… maybe… Probably not though TBH

Anyhow, I guess I should say, thank you for reading my lovely readership!

I think in order to start using this blog again I need to make a couple of changes to my site. 


A Blogging Hiatus

Published April 2, 2017 by GenYMission

I definitely went on quite the blogging hiatus for a while.

I didn’t really mean to, because I love every aspect of blogging ever.

What I had meant to do was simply start over, because as I was growing and changing, Untainted and Odd didn’t really seem like the right fit for a blog for me anymore. So I tried a new blog, and it didn’t work near as well as this one did.

I tried like 5 new blogs, thinking I was coming up with more clever titles, and it ended up not working near the same as this blog worked.

I think I know why it stopped working though.

When I first created this blog, my goal was to connect with other people. And that really happened. I met a lot of amazing people through this blog.

I never worried about my blogging style, or proofreading or anything of the sort. I would just write what I wanted in a pure voice that was my own.

As I moved through different blogs, I got caught up in the logistics of blogging, and I ended up getting stressed about it and getting such a massive writers block that I lost that free voice that I was able to us when blogging here.

But I want to blog again, with that same free style and pure voice that I used to. A lot has changed since then, and I’m a different person, but I know it is still in there!

Changed a bit, and older now, but it is still inside me. I have missed writing so much. I have missed being able to freely express myself and just have fun with writing.

So, I think I will consider what to do, and in the mean time, I am going to blog here a bit again.

About the craziness of life, about fun and encouragement, about everything.

I’ll keep you posted, my dear readership 🙂

-I know I used to sign off as Owlivia, but I kinda like the name NoctuaKnight now, and I think I’ll stick to that 🙂

I need to just write…

Published June 30, 2015 by GenYMission

Hello all of you awesome readers.

Now that summer is here and stuff I have had an unfortunate case of writers block.

Sure at the beginning of the summer, I was excited and overflowing with the things I was going to write on here.

Then I went on a missions trip, and when I came back I just had no idea where to start writing (I still have 2 awards that I need to complete but I’ll probably wait for blogging U to start before I fill those out, those are just hard to do when you aren’t feeling it.)

I want to spill out my entire soul writing about the missions trip that I went on too, but sometimes it is just really hard to write with emotion, I guess because sometimes words cannot describe everything. (Do you guys get it?)

I signed up for the blogging U courses in July, not really to do the challenges (Although I mighty them) as much as to meet more bloggers.

I learned to shuffle cards this week, with the whole riffle shuffle or however that goes with the bridge finish. (I learned, but my technique really needs a lot of work) This is relative to the big picture of things because maybe I will learn to do card tricks and then use card tricks to get peoples attention and then tell them something really important… Like advertising.

This post has no real direction in case you were wondering it is just a random conglomeration of thoughts… which makes me feel like people with important blogs and that can write well will judge me, but that’s okay, I moderate these comments.

So, do any of you ever feel like you have a bunch of ideas that could go places, but people don’t recognize that. I feel like that sometimes. A lot actually. It would be cool to have someone who just helps me grow my ideas. Like, I could tell them how I’d like to just go up and pray with random people, but that thought is intimidating and they would say “Well we could do it together” and it would be okay and we would just think together of ways we could show God’s love because I think that’s cool, except I live in what I suppose would be an introverted town and things like that aren’t cool here. *sigh*

That really makes my heart sad, because I want to be God’s servant, but I’m not sure what to do about it… but that is another post entirely…

To head in yet another direction with this post, I have done a few more things from that awesome summer bucket list I made a while back, and I need to post about those things too.

Alright, I think I’ve moved your brain in enough directions already to those of you who are still reading. Thank you for letting me dump out my brain here. (welcome to the inner workings of my brain, by the way) If we were to have a real life conversation, this is how it would most likely go.

Thank you for reading my brain all of you awesome readers.

P.S. This post was weird, I’m sure of it, but there is no way that I’m reading it because I have to post this…just because!

A Forgotten Passion (BTW I forgot my title and tags again and had to edit them in here)

Published January 26, 2015 by GenYMission

What have I been doing with my life for the past year??

I realized something today. Or I guess I more remembered it than realized it.

I was digging through old notebooks and I rediscovered something I used to love that I forgot that I loved

I love to wright!!!!!

How COULD I have POSSIBLY forgotten that???

In my old notebooks were all kinds of attempts at journaling and stories that I tried to write.

When I was in middle school I knew I loved to write, and I wrote some as a Freshman, and sophomore but for some reason when I was a junior I just stopped. Now that I have discovered the world of blogging I am technically writing again and every time I go to write a new post I get this excited feeling inside.

I guess I have rediscovered my love for writing, I don’t know if I want to go into fiction writing right now, because I’m currently content just writing about my life right now.

If I ever do write any fiction I’ll let you know.

I really just wanted to say that, because it’s crazy I could have forgotten about that passion.

I would appreciate it if anyone told me if my writing is any good though, because I guess that is one of my new goals on this blog, to grow as a writer.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!!!

I always forget a title…then I have to edit my post and think of one… Same thing happens with tags

Published January 26, 2015 by GenYMission

Exciting news, I received a notification today that told me Untainted and Odd has reached 10 followers.

Though that doesn’t seem like a lot, it’s kinda the most I’ve ever had and Word press thought it was important enough to notify me of the achievement.

So, in honor of this achievement, I thought I should post something special.

The thing is I don’t really have too many special ideas boiling over the tip of my brain.

So, I decided, I’ll save a special post for when I really need it.

Today I’d like to ask something of you.

Although I haven’t yet come to the point where I have zero blog ideas, realize I’m human so I will eventually develop that awful stressful condition known as Writers Block!!!! (Cue creepy music) 

So, just in case that ever happens, I don’t want to go a super long length of time without making many posts, because I think I’m liking being a part of the “Blogosphere”

So, in order to help me and other bloggers out there, I think I’ll make a list of prompts, but I will need help from my dear readers. If you have any questions I could answer or prompt ideas or absolutely anything in the world, please leave it in the comment section, or the blog jar, and I will post a list containing all the ideas.

Hopefully, this will help with writers block for a while.

I appreciate the idea’s and thank you!!!! 🙂

A summary of my previous thoughts on high school

Published January 19, 2015 by GenYMission

Alright, my blog has been up for a whole day now! A little longer than 24 hours actually… I’m not like, counting or anything, seriously. I’ll get over it…

Anyways, somebody asked me a question Via blog jar already, something like how has my past high school experience been. Since this is a blog about my current high school experience, or at least that is a part of the theme of this blog, I suppose it would be good to give you some background of my past high school experience.

I think I will pretend to be an inquisitive reader again, that seemed to make it interesting, maybe not though, so if you hate that I do this, please tell me. ( The Bold, Italicized words are the questions I pretend people ask me)

And once people start asking me questions, I won’t have to pretend anymore… as much.

Anyways, here we go:

So, you’re a Junior in high school. Great. So, what can you tell us about your first day of high school as a Freshman?

Oh boy, what a great question! Let’s see, I am pretty sure as I got out of my mom’s car and walked towards the building I was awed to be an official 9th grader.

As soon as I walked into the building, I was suddenly aware that I was unsure where I fit in. The fact that all 4 grades attending this building were mingled together in one area overwhelmed me.

When the bell rang the hallway was absolute insanity, and I quickly named the high school “The big, scary high school” As it was big, and frankly I found it scary. I continued to call it that for the next two years

. When lunch time came, it was another overwhelming experience, I had no idea where a lone freshman would fit into a high school cafeteria, so I scurried to find a table with other freshman.

I remember distinctly going to choir and the director screamed across the room.

Anyways, I managed to survive my first day of high school and after I fell into the routine, the other days were alright too.

So describe your thoughts over the course of your freshman year. How does this compare to your thoughts as a sophomore, and now, as a junior?

Freshman me:

“I’m so excited to be here!!!!!”

“I’m in the big scary high school now!”

“Oh wow a senior is talking to me!!!!”

“Can I initiate conversations with seniors?”

“I love this place!!! Except the hallways, they are scary”

“I am pretty convinced that seniors eat the souls of Freshman”

“I also do not like the cafeteria”

Ironically enough I did end up befriending a few seniors that year, I look back on my freshman thoughts and I’m convinced I was a total airhead…. Or I watched way to many high school horror stories

Sophomore me:

“I’m still pretty terrified of this place”

“I’m so less enthusiastic than I was as a freshman”

“I don’t like this class!”

“I hate the cafeteria”

“Some of my peers drive me crazy”

“The teachers are alright”

“Why am I in THIS school”

“Why am I in THIS class”

“I’m just going to sit at the back of the room with my group, and we are going to make pointless use of paper”


Obviously I was not too happy about anything as a sophomore, in fact about the only people I liked to talk too, was teachers, my geometry table, people in choir people and my youth group.

Me Now:

“I really love learning”

“I love this class”

“Hooray, I have a study hall!”

“Aww, I had to drop choir”

“I don’t have quite a skewed sense of how high school works anymore.”

“I have friends”

Anyways, my thoughts are pretty different from Freshman year, I struggle still in some areas, but at least I still don’t think that seniors eat the souls of freshman (What a problem that would be next year…)

I got over the thoughts that overwhelmed my mind last year and found that I really like to learn and I have actually come to love my school and my class.

That is really how my thoughts went, without getting too specific.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to leave a question.