A post that I wrote in 2015 That I’m publishing 2 years later

Published April 2, 2017 by GenYMission

Hello Readers!

This post has been sitting in my draft file for 2 years, and I have no idea why I didn’t publish it. It’s a full post, so like… oh well… anyway, anything not bolded is what I said then, and bold voice is me interjecting two years later.

So… blogging is a learning experience. I have learned not to promise blog posts when I have a bunch of serious assignments due. So I think I’m just not going to promise posts for a pretty long time. πŸ™‚

Anyways, I feel bad for not updating in a while. I’ve been working on my senior research project (which I did on how Asperger’s syndrome affects ability to communicate which was really interesting!)

How often have I said my blog posts need a point? pretty much every time I make a post.

Although as you can see from a couple of posts on here (like 2, literally) I have tried constructing what one would assume to be a “real blog post” before and I hated it because it felt so fake!

I’m never going to get the traffic for a real domain writing in the scatterbrained way that I do… oh well.. it’s pretty much torture trying to write in any other unnatural way.

This is funny, because posting in this unnatural way is why I cannot post in a different voice. I’ve tried several times, which I mentioned in my hiatus post. It didn’t go well.

Did I just say I was looking into a real domain? Yes I did, but not for a long time, as I’ve still got a lot to learn about blogging (Like everything) but looking at the plugins and things available through wordpress.org just gets me excited. Someday I might go in that direction (I will not be using the domain Untainted and Odd in any way shape or form if and when I do so jokes on you if you think about buying this domain before me πŸ™‚ )

I still think it would be cool to have a real domain. No idea what I’d do with it, probably blog or something, but right now I’m not really sure how well that would go.

I am currently on the last week of my first semester of my last year of high school (translation: I’m halfway through my senior year!)

I’m 3/4th’s done with my freshman year of college!

Someday I should actually find some real content to post about instead of just balling all of my thoughts together and posting them as I do… That is not a promise… just a thought πŸ™‚

My brain is still less put together than any post I’ve ever written, in case you were all wondering.

That will come someday… maybe…Β Probably not though TBH

Anyhow, I guess I should say, thank you for reading my lovely readership!

I think in order to start using this blog again I need to make a couple of changes to my site.Β 



A Blogging Hiatus

Published April 2, 2017 by GenYMission

I definitely went on quite the blogging hiatus for a while.

I didn’t really mean to, because I love every aspect of blogging ever.

What I had meant to do was simply start over, because as I was growing and changing, Untainted and Odd didn’t really seem like the right fit for a blog for me anymore. So I tried a new blog, and it didn’t work near as well as this one did.

I tried like 5 new blogs, thinking I was coming up with more clever titles, and it ended up not working near the same as this blog worked.

I think I know why it stopped working though.

When I first created this blog, my goal was to connect with other people. And that really happened. I met a lot of amazing people through this blog.

I never worried about my blogging style, or proofreading or anything of the sort. I would just write what I wanted in a pure voice that was my own.

As I moved through different blogs, I got caught up in the logistics of blogging, and I ended up getting stressed about it and getting such a massive writers block that I lost that free voice that I was able to us when blogging here.

But I want to blog again, with that same free style and pure voice that I used to. A lot has changed since then, and I’m a different person, but I know it is still in there!

Changed a bit, and older now, but it is still inside me. I have missed writing so much. I have missed being able to freely express myself and just have fun with writing.

So, I think I will consider what to do, and in the mean time, I am going to blog here a bit again.

About the craziness of life, about fun and encouragement, about everything.

I’ll keep you posted, my dear readership πŸ™‚

-I know I used to sign off as Owlivia, but I kinda like the name NoctuaKnight now, and I think I’ll stick to that πŸ™‚

Final Post (Probably)

Published February 22, 2016 by GenYMission

Wow okay, that feels sad to type. I am not stopping blogging by any means, II have simply moved to a different blog.


Is where I will be blogging from now on… I will just say that the reason I am doing this is that I have grown out of this blog I guess. I made the mistake of naming it something that would not be applicable in my life for very long.

Anyways, my dear readership, I hope to see you at my ideas blog πŸ™‚ ❀

Happy New Years!

Published January 2, 2016 by GenYMission

Hello all of my lovely readers. πŸ™‚

I have realized the only kind of blogging commitment I can make promise of is I will post when I post. It was a terrie idea to try and commit to a month when I was working on a senior research project and a bunch of other things. 

So now it’s a new year. I’m out of those classes. And out of my mind!!! I go to college in 8 months! Do you know what that means? It means I… Will be in college! It’s crazy! 

Everything’s crazy!

Everything now is so different then when I started this blog just about a year ago. 

I’m still questioning this name thing by the way, I just haven’t done anything about it yet. 

Anyways, I mean a year ago I was still timid and shy and unsure. 

I am still 100% an introvert but no longer am I so timid. 

I have a job now. 

And I’m in a play! (Would have not believed THAT a year ago)

I kinda sorta have a role in said play as well. My high school is doing high school musical and I got an understudy role for Kelsi Neilson. Totally psyched about it. Understudies get to perform one out of three shows. 

So okay, maybe I’m not 100% introvert anymore. My job has helped a lot. I got the job a little bit on accident mostly because I figured they would interview me and reject me like every other place I had previously tried. But they didn’t. They actually hired me on the spot. 

I have been forced out of my comfort zone and my boss had to teach me everything about the proper customer service etiquette but I finally got the hang of it!

My 2016 is going to be crazy. I will be moving to a different state for college actually. I’m excited and nervous at the same time!

So many things to do before then, boy oh boy do I feel the senioritis kicking in!

Obscure Holiday’s: November

Published November 1, 2015 by GenYMission

Have you ever heard from some crazy friend that some obscure holiday is today?

“It’s National plush animal lovers day!”

“Today is national hug a tennis player day!”

“I think tomorrow is national dress like a nerd day… so.. be yourself!”

There are tons of Nationally obscure holidays like that and today, I am giving you the opportunity to be the crazy friend that mentions them. And also some ideas on how to celebrate them. (For November at least! Tell me if you like it πŸ™‚ )

November 2ndLook for circles day:Β I mean I suppose this sounds sort of lame, but imagine getting unnecessarily excited about it and pointing out random circles with an unnecessary amount of energy to your friends and acquaintances, and even strangers. The point is people will be happy you are putting in such an effort to look for circles. So happy that their happiness may bubble out of them and they will laugh. Bonus points if you wear a circle themed outfit!

November 3rd-Sandwich day: Eat a sandwich for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and a sandwich for dinner. Inquire what kind of sandwich everyone else is eating. If they don’t have a sandwich, ask them why “It’s national sandwich day, why would you skip a sandwich opportunity today of all days?” Switch the conversations back to sandwiches as often as possible.

November 7th- National book lovers day: Not too obscure but how cute is it they have a day for that. Read books. Talk about books. Adore Books. Be a book.

November 8th- Cook something bold day: Invite all your friends over for a potluck encouraging bold dishes. Or just cook something bold yourself. (What even is bold cooking? Eccentric? An extroverted dish? Spicy? This: Dish?)

November 13th- Sadie Hawkins Day:Β Wear Khaki pants. Dance. Ask people if they like your sweater. Listen to this song: Sadie Hawkins Dance

November 16th -Have a party with your bear day:Β Get a teddy bear and party. With balloons.

November 21st- World hello day:Β Learn hello in all kinds of different languages. Say hello to a bunch of people.

November the day after the day after thanksgiving-buy nothing day: Don’t buy anything.

I hope you enjoy celebrating these obscure holidays this month. πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading.

NaBloPoMo (That means “National Blog Post Month!)

Published October 28, 2015 by GenYMission

November is insane. Just a heads up. There are all kinds of different events that happen in November. Not including Thanksgiving and the fact that Christmas starts in November. (hahaha)

Any and every writing challenge to ever exist takes place in November. (Well, maybe not EVERY challenge) Most of you have probably heard of the crazy writing challenges that come up in November that just look like a conglomeration of random syllables. NaNoWriMo stands for National novel writing month. There’s also NaPlaWriMo (National playwright month) and (drum roll) National Blog Post month.Each of these challenges requires you to write something every day.

For the novel, your goal is to work towards writing a novel or work on a novel by writing a little bit every day. Same concept for playwright except you are writing a play. (shocker)

For the blog post however you have to publish a blog post every day.

I think I’m going to take part in the madness. (Not all of the challenges, I am not going for triple madness.) I think I will try and conquer the blog post challenge and publish at least one post per day.

Although if I miss some days, forgive me, because November is shaping up to be a pretty important month, school-wise. I’m working on my senior research project all through-out November. (We are supposed to find something we love and tie it into literature, exciting. I’m thinking of doing psychology and how it applies to the Harry Potter series πŸ™‚ ) The research project kind of takes priority over my blog, sorry guys. But I will try and do something most of the days.

Okay, well that’s all I have to say about the crazy writing challenges. Β Thank you for reading my readership! πŸ™‚

12 favorite things about my senior year so far!

Published October 18, 2015 by GenYMission

I thought I’d share some of my favorite things about senior year so far!

  1. Becoming a part of the “chamber choir”- at my school, there’s 2 levels of choir (some years there are 3, but this year there are 2) men’s/women’s choir (depending on if you are a boy or girl respectively) and chamber choir. Chamber is the top group, and does more concerts than any of the others. We just sang at a concert today, that the other choirs didn’t. It was pretty awesome. We sang some gospel/soulful type songs (I sing because I’m happy, Shut de do’ (keep out da devil), Gloria in excelsis deo, and a song in Swahili called “Baba Yetu”) Anyways being in Chanber has been an amazing experience because it’s always so happy when we sing in harmony and work hard to sound great! Even if I’m the only one in the room that feels so elated.  (Haha)
  2. Getting accepted into my top choice college- This was an amazing feeling because they are actually the first college I had fully applied to, and they sent me an acceptance letter within a few weeks. They are a Christian college that, out of my state but still only a few hours away. They are a brethren affiliated school, and even though I don’t say I’m part of a specific denomination, I’ve worked with brethren affiliated churches before, some that are actually connected to this school, and I really liked the experience. 
  3. Campus Life- this has nothing to do with college (as people in my school used to and probably still do believe) but it’s a Christian encouragement group is how I always described us. We’ve also unofficially named ourselves “somewhat church” which is awesome… But unimportant. Anyways, this is my 4th year in this group, and this year the advisor is taking initiative to get us well versed in the Bible, (see what I did there? Ahahaha:)) she’s basing the lessons off this book called “God’s big picture” and telling the major points during the meetings. After the first meeting I felt I needed more than just a few major points and she let me borrow the book until she needs it for the next meeting.  I’m finding it very interesting and helpful. I may post about it sometime in the future. I just love that we are getting more involved with God this year than in years past. 
  4. My math class- in my opinion, a great class starts with a great teacher. A great teacher helps you learn the most. This year, my teacher is showing us the harder way to do the problems, and then the less complicated way. We are allowed to use the easier way on tests which I love because it means I make less mistakes. (It’s showing too because i have an A in his class, and I am usually one to get B’s or even C’s in math, which usually has to do with homework or mistakes on tests)
  5. Government- I find government kinda hilarious. My class for that is filled with a bunch of obnoxious boys and they act like they don’t know what they’re doing. I guess it’s not that important. The point is I thought I’d hate government but my teachers awesome and I’m doing well. And it’s actually more interesting than I thought. Especially when we do debates. Those are always very interesting
  6. Hi BibliophilicElephant! πŸ™‚
  7. Also, Hi ZaddaPanda!!!
  8. Girl Meets World-  WHAT? Am I admitting to the world that I watched all 3 episodes of girl meets Texas as the premieres this weekend and was very engaged in every moment of it? Yes I am. I am not ashamed. I guess this isn’t actually related to it being my senior year though.
  9. I would say driving, but I don’t drive. 
  10. English- because I have the 2nd best English teacher I’ve ever had right now, and he just accepts that I’m a nerd for Harry Potter and didn’t even question my sonnet about the Fibonacci sequence (he didn’t even comment, lol, I actually got that assignment stamped right away)
  11. Friends- which doesn’t really include the lunchroom although the only time I’ve ever been able to sit with friends in the lunchroom is like 2 semesters out of 7. Oh well, it does include choir friends, and my good friend I see after school and my teacher-friend I usually visit after school. 
  12. Blogging-I should do it more, it relieves my stress. 

Well okay, that concludes my list for now! 

I’m sorry for my leave of absence readership! I’ll try and do better. 

You guys are awesome! Thank you! πŸ™‚

A Book Series

Published September 21, 2015 by GenYMission

hello my readership. 

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. 

So actually, I’m up at 3am and can’t sleep I assume because I’m thinking too much. 

A lot of things have been going on lately (not bad things really, mostly good!)

So, one of those things is I got an acceptance letter from my first choice college! (And my happiness is very high)

Which isn’t actually the main point of this post. 

I need to ask you guys some questions. 

I was thinking about writing a book. Technically it would be a book series starring 5 of my original characters I have made. 

They would be non fiction books about neat topics.  (For example, I really want to do the Fibonacci sequence. ) 

So my first question is: would you guys be interested in buying something like that? Most funds will go towards my tuition/other college fees.  I don’t know what the price would be on one book yet. I’ll keep you updated. 

My second question: if you could learn about any one thing in the world, what would it be?

Thank you guys so much for your feedback. 

P.S. Even if you hate the idea, I’m probably going to try and go through with it πŸ˜‰

Something to say

Published August 10, 2015 by GenYMission

Hey hey my dear readership!

Sorry for the long absence. I just need to tell you guys a few things. 

I love blogging. I only started it last year, but I actually tried a few times before this blog. It never succeeded like this one, but this one is the first one on WordPress. 

The thing is, things have already started to pick up for my senior year and the school year hasn’t even officially started yet. So, it being my senior year, it’s likely I’ll post less. 

The other thing is that, though I haven’t said it on here, I’ve been changing a lot. God has been changing me. 

I’ve gained confidence in who I am, and realized a lot of things. 

One thing is that I am my own person, and different from everyone else, but that doesn’t make me odd. Also the other part of my title, untainted just sounds kind of weird and doesn’t really describe who I am to the greatest degree. 

My point is, I want to keep blogging, but my life is going to really pick up in the next year and then the next year as well. This title isn’t working as well as I would like. So within the next year, I’m probably going to try and change it. I’m probably just going to make a new blog and direct people there with a link. 

Like I said though, I will continue to blog, because I just love the feeling. 

But on a brighter note, I’ll tell you guys what I’m thinking for my future. I’m thinking I will go to a state university and earn an education degree. As for which grade I want to teach, I have no idea. 

If any of you have experience teaching, I would love to get your opinions. As my dad thinks that every teacher regrets their teaching decision, although I know that’s not true. Do you teachers like what you do? Do you enjoy teaching? Is it worth it?

On slightly different note, how about staying in dorms as opposed to staying around home? Do any college students or past college students have any advoce about that?

I personally want to move into dorms to have that experience.

Alright guys, thank you for reading.

You are awesome!