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A Blogging Hiatus

Published April 2, 2017 by GenYMission

I definitely went on quite the blogging hiatus for a while.

I didn’t really mean to, because I love every aspect of blogging ever.

What I had meant to do was simply start over, because as I was growing and changing, Untainted and Odd didn’t really seem like the right fit for a blog for me anymore. So I tried a new blog, and it didn’t work near as well as this one did.

I tried like 5 new blogs, thinking I was coming up with more clever titles, and it ended up not working near the same as this blog worked.

I think I know why it stopped working though.

When I first created this blog, my goal was to connect with other people. And that really happened. I met a lot of amazing people through this blog.

I never worried about my blogging style, or proofreading or anything of the sort. I would just write what I wanted in a pure voice that was my own.

As I moved through different blogs, I got caught up in the logistics of blogging, and I ended up getting stressed about it and getting such a massive writers block that I lost that free voice that I was able to us when blogging here.

But I want to blog again, with that same free style and pure voice that I used to. A lot has changed since then, and I’m a different person, but I know it is still in there!

Changed a bit, and older now, but it is still inside me. I have missed writing so much. I have missed being able to freely express myself and just have fun with writing.

So, I think I will consider what to do, and in the mean time, I am going to blog here a bit again.

About the craziness of life, about fun and encouragement, about everything.

I’ll keep you posted, my dear readership 🙂

-I know I used to sign off as Owlivia, but I kinda like the name NoctuaKnight now, and I think I’ll stick to that 🙂


Published January 18, 2015 by GenYMission

Hello World! I am your blogger.

Untainted and Odd is my blog, and you are reading it. This is the first blog-post on this blog, so I wanted to tell you a little about this blog first.

The bold italicized words in this post represent possible questions you may have as you are reading it.

Basically it is me pretending to be an inquisitive reader of my blog as I’m writing it.

Wait a second! Don’t we get a name? What are we supposed to call you?

Alright you want a name for me? Try Untainted and Odd, that’s the name of the blog, so if for whatever reason you want to call me something, call me that. If it’s to long, you can just call me Untainted.

Well that’s silly! why won’t you just give us your real name?

Oh, that’s an easy one! I enjoy hiding behind this identity. I’m an introvert you see, and as an introvert, it is difficult for me to put myself out there. But I do have a part of me that wants to connect with new people, and that is part of the reason I made this blog.

Okay, maybe you really didn’t think the above bold and italicized thoughts, but I really am not about to give out my real name.

Okay, well, why did you start this blog in the first place?

Well, I started it because I wanted to share some of my thoughts with people. Mostly teenagers like myself. I’m sure I am not the only teenager who dislikes dirty humor, swear words etc. Being an introvert, It’s hard to do that in the offline world. So this blog was started to share my thoughts and I am not sure what it will grow into.

What types of things can we expect to see on this blog?

All kinds. I will have some stories when something worth sharing happens in high school, I will share information from certain topics if you want, I’ll answer questions, (I might even make up questions to answer again like I’m doing now) Depending on my mood, I might post some encouraging words and stuff too. Other than that, I don’t really have a specific plan for what this blog will turn into.

Any last words

Yes! If you have a specific topic you want me to post about, either leave it in the comments, or in the “Blog Jar”

That is also where you can contact me if you have a blog request you want to be more private.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! 🙂