I always forget a title…then I have to edit my post and think of one… Same thing happens with tags

Published January 26, 2015 by GenYMission

Exciting news, I received a notification today that told me Untainted and Odd has reached 10 followers.

Though that doesn’t seem like a lot, it’s kinda the most I’ve ever had and Word press thought it was important enough to notify me of the achievement.

So, in honor of this achievement, I thought I should post something special.

The thing is I don’t really have too many special ideas boiling over the tip of my brain.

So, I decided, I’ll save a special post for when I really need it.

Today I’d like to ask something of you.

Although I haven’t yet come to the point where I have zero blog ideas, realize I’m human so I will eventually develop that awful stressful condition known as Writers Block!!!! (Cue creepy music) 

So, just in case that ever happens, I don’t want to go a super long length of time without making many posts, because I think I’m liking being a part of the “Blogosphere”

So, in order to help me and other bloggers out there, I think I’ll make a list of prompts, but I will need help from my dear readers. If you have any questions I could answer or prompt ideas or absolutely anything in the world, please leave it in the comment section, or the blog jar, and I will post a list containing all the ideas.

Hopefully, this will help with writers block for a while.

I appreciate the idea’s and thank you!!!! 🙂

2 comments on “I always forget a title…then I have to edit my post and think of one… Same thing happens with tags

  • loving the honesty! being new to blogging is hard but keeping the writing honest and not thinking to much about what others may think always helps me. i wrote about this briefly in my first post as well. Blogging should be fun not stressful. 🙂

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