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Something to say

Published August 10, 2015 by GenYMission

Hey hey my dear readership!

Sorry for the long absence. I just need to tell you guys a few things. 

I love blogging. I only started it last year, but I actually tried a few times before this blog. It never succeeded like this one, but this one is the first one on WordPress. 

The thing is, things have already started to pick up for my senior year and the school year hasn’t even officially started yet. So, it being my senior year, it’s likely I’ll post less. 

The other thing is that, though I haven’t said it on here, I’ve been changing a lot. God has been changing me. 

I’ve gained confidence in who I am, and realized a lot of things. 

One thing is that I am my own person, and different from everyone else, but that doesn’t make me odd. Also the other part of my title, untainted just sounds kind of weird and doesn’t really describe who I am to the greatest degree. 

My point is, I want to keep blogging, but my life is going to really pick up in the next year and then the next year as well. This title isn’t working as well as I would like. So within the next year, I’m probably going to try and change it. I’m probably just going to make a new blog and direct people there with a link. 

Like I said though, I will continue to blog, because I just love the feeling. 

But on a brighter note, I’ll tell you guys what I’m thinking for my future. I’m thinking I will go to a state university and earn an education degree. As for which grade I want to teach, I have no idea. 

If any of you have experience teaching, I would love to get your opinions. As my dad thinks that every teacher regrets their teaching decision, although I know that’s not true. Do you teachers like what you do? Do you enjoy teaching? Is it worth it?

On slightly different note, how about staying in dorms as opposed to staying around home? Do any college students or past college students have any advoce about that?

I personally want to move into dorms to have that experience.

Alright guys, thank you for reading.

You are awesome!

Ideas to share

Published January 25, 2015 by GenYMission

So a while ago I was just minding my own business when suddenly I was struck with one of those crazy ideas.

It started out fairly simple. With a brain.

I came up with this little guy one day in anatomy and physiology 1. I decided he could help me learn about muscle cell contraction.
I like to learn, I really do. Some people may think that’s crazy, but education and wisdom and knowledge are really beautiful things .
Anyways, the idea started to develop in my mind the more I thought about him. I thought, I would start up a comic strip about him and some other things I would draw and they would… Teach. They would teach about language and culture and history and more!

Anyways I immediately sat down and started drawing these things and I had some fun with character development.
I decided I would introduce you all to them, just because I do not really know what else to do with them. So why not put them on my blog?

I kept the brain, he’s really pretty cool. And he knows it.

Sorry if you cannot read my writing. It says
Panel 1: Hello world! I’m a walking talking brain with cool eyebrows and lacking a name.
Panel 2: but what I lack in ‘names’ I make up for in coolness and humility
Panel 3: However, I don’t think it’s very cool to be without a name
Panel 4: Oh good grief! I need one, I need one now!!!
I messed up in the second panel, it actually says ‘brains’ but I meant names. Oh well, these are just some very rough sketches I did.
The brain is the ‘head’ of the whole operation. He gives assignments to teach on to the rest of the team.





These are of the owl, Owlivia. She’s a cool owl, I think. She’s just awkward, and not very confident. She teaches about all kinds of science. Chemistry, biology you name it!
In the fourth panel, you can see she was pranked by the unnamed brain.
He picks on everyone here. Owlivia is pretty fiery when she’s been pranked like this.


Sorry the above picture is sideways. This is Paige, she’s a panda that teaches about language. She could be teaching English, Spanish or Greek.
Her intro is short sweet and to the point. She really lives her job and is an incredibly sweet panda.

Anyways, I have a couple of other characters as well, like an elephant that teaches history, but she’s not very developed yet.
I thought I would put these characters on here because I kind of wanted to see what people thought of them, and I don’t have anywhere else to share them so here you go, I hope you enjoyed this.
P.s. If this post is formatted weird I apologize, this was the first time I tried the wordpress app on my phone so I can’t see how it looks very well.