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Owlivia Writes (a more official post)

Published July 29, 2015 by GenYMission

So the other night I was obviously bored at 1am and decided to string a bunch of words together about handwriting again.

The coherency of what I posted isn’t super important, but I’m sure most people didn’t read it to the end to see the only thing in the entire post that makes sense.

Here’s the gist;

I decided to start a thing. I was thinking it would be so cool just to get lots of handwritten notes. (That was the point of the other post, just so you know)

But, of course it would be totally insane for me to give the Internet my address.

So I thought it would be cool to exchange notes over the Internet, which is what typing is essentially.

Though, it would make it about 70% cooler if we gave each other handwritten notes over the Internet. So here’s the idea. 

Clearer instructions:

  • Handwrite a note
  • Take a picture, post it to your blog.
  • Tag “Owlivia Writes” in your tags (I’m following that tag)
  • I will put your note in a post and reply with another handwritten note.
  • You may ask me a question with the note, draw a picture, tell me something, give me a writing prompt, I don’t know, get creative… Just nothing inappropriate. This is a clean blog.
  • Have fun
  • P. S. I encourage you to start up your own handwriting tag or something 🙂
  • Side note: I may or may not decide that a talking owl doodle or another animal is the best way to reply to you. Like a comic.

As an additional challenge, handwrite a note to your readers.

Anyways. Thank you guys, I hope you decide to write me a note. 🙂

Owlivia Writes

Published July 23, 2015 by GenYMission

I haven’t abandoned you all I promise!

How are you guys? Is life going well? You can talk to me in the comments if you want!

I’m sorry I haven’t written anything in a while. I’ve been doing all the summer-y things and to be honest I haven’t been inspired to post anything in a while. The good news is I was now inspired in a way.

Snail mail.

Totally random topic. But let’s talk about it anyways.

Handwriting is so cool! I mean handwritten notes and letters are the greatest things ever!

Basically over the past couple of weeks I’ve acquired a few pen pals (which is super exciting) I love getting mail.

So I started searching for some different ideas of ways to send letters to pen pals. Unfortunately mail price goes up based on weight. The other unfortunately is I see so many cool ideas on the Internet but I know if I try most of them, it won’t turn out right.

No matter. I continue to look.

I think it would be a super romantic thing to write letters to your significant other.

It doesn’t even have to be letters. Just notes. I’m still in high school and it would be so awesome if boyfriend/girlfriend just passed notes back and forth through class. ( yes teachers, I know it’s against some rules! But seriously it would be so romantic)

Then again, I’ve never had a boyfriend… I also don’t remember ever passing notes in class… So maybe it’s not all that it seems. Sigh….

Okay. It’s late. Why do all of my posts happen late at night?

I should stop this…

Oh well… I have an idea!

Maybe we can start Internet note writing!  (Wait… Internet note writing probably already exists, but I mean handwriting.)

It’s gonna be a positive thing, we are starting a movement guys! I’ll start… We need a tag though…

Okay, I have to ideas. The first idea is to write a handwritten note to your readers. Here’s one for all of you!

That’s a challenge to all of you!

The next thing is completely optional.

Although I would really like it if you guys did it and advertised it and it caught on!

If you guys can make this catch on, I will be the happiest little owl in the night!

I’m serious, all you have to do is post a handwritten note, and I’ll post a handwritten note in reply. (I’ll reblog or comment on your post with reply) If I do more commenting, I might make a collage from time to time showing the notes that have been written and replied to.

Remember guys, that’s “Owlivia Writes”

You guys are awesome, thank you all for reading.

A blogging U post, on my title and tagline

Published July 7, 2015 by GenYMission

Hi readers!

So today, at blogging101, they are talking about creating good titles and taglines.

I chose the title Untainted and Odd for my blog because I’m weird, and not necessarily as tainted in the mind as other teenagers… looking back it’s a really weird title, and not exactly timeless… but I once suggested changing it and people said it looks good… so I guess it’s okay. I’ve had it for 6 months and now have like, 74 followers, so I guess it’s not going anywhere. (I pretty much just came up  with it in my inspired moment to start a blog, me and my mom were just thinking of adjectives and that was the first combination that was both available and flowed alright)

As for my tagline, it’s not really at the peak of my creativity (It’s currently ‘thoughts and stories of a high school senior)

So.. a freshened up tagline probably wouldn’t hurt anything, (So that might change guys… just so you know)

Another random thought that goes  along with these things we are talking about is- I’ve wanted to make a logo since I first started a blog. I have tried, but it didn’t really work

Like I tried a thing with a notebook to make a statement (I’m not sure what statement I was going for) It ended up looking rather tacky, especially in contrast with my whole ‘Strange Little Town’ theme (which I am keeping, because I really like it.)

So… I don’t know if I will ever actually have a logo… you know what might be cool for that though? SPACE! SPACE WOULD BE A COOL LOGO! (Just so we are clear, I am talking about the many wonders of outer space, like stars and galaxies or whatever, not just blank space… that would be kind of…boring)

I could make an owl face my logo (After all…I am OWLIVIA!)

It’s getting kind of late… I should stop typing… I hope I’m not going to regret this post in the morning.

Maybe my tagline could be a quote from Patrick Star “The inner mechanisms of my mind, are an enigma”~Patrick Star

Alright… that’s enough typing for tonight…I’m sure I’ll probably somewhat regret this in the morning.

By the way, I never proofread any of these posts, because if I did I would never publish anything… I’m too self-conscious in that way… Maybe that should be my tagline.

Yeah… goodnight readership… You’re all super cool human beingssssszzzzzzz

Back to Blogging U!

Published July 5, 2015 by GenYMission

Hello my beautiful readership!

I’ve been a part of the blogosphere for [approximately] 6 months now! (Woohoo!)

Anyways, I’m doing the blogging U thing again (Blogging 101! it’s so exciting)

Mostly I’m doing it to connect with more bloggers because that’s exciting, but I’ll probably do most of the assignments too.

Like, todays assignment is give an introduction. Tell the blogosphere who you are, and why you are blogging pretty much.

I’ve done a few posts like that before, but to recap for those of you who are new here:

  • I’m a teenage blogger. A 16 (nearly 17) year old high school senior. I blog to be heard, to express myself.
  • I blog because it helps me connect with people. I have made a few friends through blogging
  • I blog about my thoughts on life I guess… whatever I feel like posting. Sometimes my brain may be functioning in a somewhat incoherent manner, so I’ll type out all of the things running through my mind and publish that! (That, my friends, is called a brain dump)
  • Sometimes I post some doodles and such up here… depends on my mood… occasionally I might post a journal post, I’ve gotten some good feedback from those (More accurately they are ‘notebook posts’)
  • I post about interesting things that I do, or things that happen to me.

Basically, I write what I want with my own voice.

Originally, I thought I would use this more as a ranting type of blog, as I’m in high school, and things are buggy sometimes, but it didn’t really work out that way. I guess because sometimes I over think things and have a negative attitude, I’m not a genuinely negative person.

I’d like to think most of my posts give more of a positive vibe (Although, I guess It’s harder for me to tell, as I’m the author)

Just as a quick little update on real time-what’s happening right now, my dog has been traumatized by fireworks from last night (The noise freaked her out) and she has been pacing between my room, my closet, my moms room, and the hallway. Occasionally she will lay down or whine at something. Currently she seems to be passed out in the hallway.

Also, I have play-doh beside me (just because, okay!) and I am going back and forth between typing and taking out some play doh to squish it and smell it… I like the smell of it…

Alright, that’s basically it for this post. Thank you guys for reading!!!! You are all awesome! 🙂

Hooray my friend entered the blogging world!

Published July 1, 2015 by GenYMission

Hello readers, lovely day we are having, right?

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you guys that I lured my friend into the world of blogging and she’s officially a blogger now, She is the Bibliophilic Elephant!

Check out her blog, follow her! Encourage the new blogger!

I helped her come up with that Url by the way! 🙂

Remember when you guys were new bloggers and you needed encouragement? (I know the feeling, I’m still a new blogger, I’ve only been at this for 6 months, by the way, did you guys know that most blogs are abandoned after 120 days?)

Anyways-to Bibliophilic Elephant- I can’t wait to see where your new blogging adventure takes you, just keep writing!!!

Thank you guys for reading!!!