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Back to Blogging U!

Published July 5, 2015 by GenYMission

Hello my beautiful readership!

I’ve been a part of the blogosphere for [approximately] 6 months now! (Woohoo!)

Anyways, I’m doing the blogging U thing again (Blogging 101! it’s so exciting)

Mostly I’m doing it to connect with more bloggers because that’s exciting, but I’ll probably do most of the assignments too.

Like, todays assignment is give an introduction. Tell the blogosphere who you are, and why you are blogging pretty much.

I’ve done a few posts like that before, but to recap for those of you who are new here:

  • I’m a teenage blogger. A 16 (nearly 17) year old high school senior. I blog to be heard, to express myself.
  • I blog because it helps me connect with people. I have made a few friends through blogging
  • I blog about my thoughts on life I guess… whatever I feel like posting. Sometimes my brain may be functioning in a somewhat incoherent manner, so I’ll type out all of the things running through my mind and publish that! (That, my friends, is called a brain dump)
  • Sometimes I post some doodles and such up here… depends on my mood… occasionally I might post a journal post, I’ve gotten some good feedback from those (More accurately they are ‘notebook posts’)
  • I post about interesting things that I do, or things that happen to me.

Basically, I write what I want with my own voice.

Originally, I thought I would use this more as a ranting type of blog, as I’m in high school, and things are buggy sometimes, but it didn’t really work out that way. I guess because sometimes I over think things and have a negative attitude, I’m not a genuinely negative person.

I’d like to think most of my posts give more of a positive vibe (Although, I guess It’s harder for me to tell, as I’m the author)

Just as a quick little update on real time-what’s happening right now, my dog has been traumatized by fireworks from last night (The noise freaked her out) and she has been pacing between my room, my closet, my moms room, and the hallway. Occasionally she will lay down or whine at something. Currently she seems to be passed out in the hallway.

Also, I have play-doh beside me (just because, okay!) and I am going back and forth between typing and taking out some play doh to squish it and smell it… I like the smell of it…

Alright, that’s basically it for this post. Thank you guys for reading!!!! You are all awesome! 🙂

A relative audience.

Published February 5, 2015 by GenYMission

The only dream audience I had in mind when I started this blog was people I could relate to.

And, I suppose there are a lot of ways one person can relate to another.

Sure, I am a high school junior, I’ve said that all kinds of times on here. What else then?



So, in my free time, one thing I like to do is look up clean funny pictures. And then I end up with things on my hard drive that really amuse me.



I laugh at the weirdest things, especially if it’s late at night and I know I should go to bed but I just can’t sleep and that’s why I’m looking things up. That’s how I end up with these pictures on my hard drive, I really don’t download these things any other time.

Lets se…what else do I have on here…

This one is interesting…


So if anyone can relate to laughing at these random types of pictures, than you are my dream audience.

I can also relate to people who don’t like stereotypes, because I’ve been planning on talking about different ways of how I feel about high school stereotypes.

And things that I observe about high school that I like, or the things that bug me.

I also really want to share things on here that are not common knowledge that I know. (Like Fibonacci numbers!!!)

I don’t even know how else to describe how you would relate to me, but there’s always something I guess.

Do you think the stars were placed so beautifully upon the dark night sky? Do you know that the earth was created by one creator and that he is God? Or even, do some things just plain confuse you? Than we can relate, and therefore you are my dream audience.

Titles and taglines

Published February 3, 2015 by GenYMission

Hello everyone, I’m actually typing today. The writing is fun to do, but it takes a while, so it’s pretty hard for longer posts.

So, anyways, the second assignment for blogging 101 is posted, asking us to come up with a title and tagline that we love.

I admit,I wasn’t sure of my title, but I think it actually does work very well,and considering it’s also the site address, I think I will leave it as it is.

It does, however, need an explanation.

I mean, what on earth does Untainted and odd have to do with high school and whatever else I’m here to blog about?

Well, it all started in January, when I was first inspired to start a blog (Okay, I wanted to make a blog before that, and tried a couple of times, but it failed.)

I knew I wanted to connect with teenagers through blogging, but there was something that just generally made me feel different from the other teenagers at my school. I guess I have always felt sort of different. Different, as in not really accepted by the general population.

I’m not booted out of anything (Usually) but somehow I just don’t seem to fit in. Why don’t I fit in?

Well, not to get to far into details, I think I may have discovered through listening to and watching people, why I don’t fit in.

  • I don’t get vulgar humor: It makes most of these people laugh, it makes me kind of uncomfortable…
  • I’m not fashion savvy: Although it’s a bit stereotypical, I do see other teenage girls making a big deal about fashion all the time… how cute their new boots are or whatever… I wear a t-shirt and jeans almost everyday, and throw a sweatshirt on top if it’s cold.
  • How is talking about your boyfriend more interesting than researching the Fibonacci sequence? This has actually happened to me before, sophomore year, I was working in a group of three other girls and we got our work done, so the other three started talking, and I think I might have listened for a little while, trying to get involved. But they were talking about their boyfriends, and I’m sure it took me about 2 minutes to realize I didn’t care. What did I do instead? I got out my laptop and continued my venture I had started earlier of learning all I could about Fibonacci numbers.
  • Boyfriends: I’ve never actually had one, but maybe that would make me popular. NO, oh wow where do I even begin…
  • I don’t do saying interesting things well: Communication is key in high school. I guess. I don’t small talk well. “So…uh…what’s your favorite…color?” When you don’t do small talk well it’s usually not a good thing for most aspects of life I hear. I’m improving in this area though… sort of.

So, I guess this still doesn’t explain my name. Untainted, covers the first one. My mind doesn’t work to think vulgarity is cool or funny, which as far as I can tell, makes me weird. Odd just sort of covers everything. all that stuff up there= odd.

And that is essentially how I got the name Untainted and Odd. I may see if I can make my tagline more interesting though.