A blogging U post, on my title and tagline

Published July 7, 2015 by GenYMission

Hi readers!

So today, at blogging101, they are talking about creating good titles and taglines.

I chose the title Untainted and Odd for my blog because I’m weird, and not necessarily as tainted in the mind as other teenagers… looking back it’s a really weird title, and not exactly timeless… but I once suggested changing it and people said it looks good… so I guess it’s okay. I’ve had it for 6 months and now have like, 74 followers, so I guess it’s not going anywhere. (I pretty much just came up  with it in my inspired moment to start a blog, me and my mom were just thinking of adjectives and that was the first combination that was both available and flowed alright)

As for my tagline, it’s not really at the peak of my creativity (It’s currently ‘thoughts and stories of a high school senior)

So.. a freshened up tagline probably wouldn’t hurt anything, (So that might change guys… just so you know)

Another random thought that goes  along with these things we are talking about is- I’ve wanted to make a logo since I first started a blog. I have tried, but it didn’t really work

Like I tried a thing with a notebook to make a statement (I’m not sure what statement I was going for) It ended up looking rather tacky, especially in contrast with my whole ‘Strange Little Town’ theme (which I am keeping, because I really like it.)

So… I don’t know if I will ever actually have a logo… you know what might be cool for that though? SPACE! SPACE WOULD BE A COOL LOGO! (Just so we are clear, I am talking about the many wonders of outer space, like stars and galaxies or whatever, not just blank space… that would be kind of…boring)

I could make an owl face my logo (After all…I am OWLIVIA!)

It’s getting kind of late… I should stop typing… I hope I’m not going to regret this post in the morning.

Maybe my tagline could be a quote from Patrick Star “The inner mechanisms of my mind, are an enigma”~Patrick Star

Alright… that’s enough typing for tonight…I’m sure I’ll probably somewhat regret this in the morning.

By the way, I never proofread any of these posts, because if I did I would never publish anything… I’m too self-conscious in that way… Maybe that should be my tagline.

Yeah… goodnight readership… You’re all super cool human beingssssszzzzzzz

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