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12 favorite things about my senior year so far!

Published October 18, 2015 by GenYMission

I thought I’d share some of my favorite things about senior year so far!

  1. Becoming a part of the “chamber choir”- at my school, there’s 2 levels of choir (some years there are 3, but this year there are 2) men’s/women’s choir (depending on if you are a boy or girl respectively) and chamber choir. Chamber is the top group, and does more concerts than any of the others. We just sang at a concert today, that the other choirs didn’t. It was pretty awesome. We sang some gospel/soulful type songs (I sing because I’m happy, Shut de do’ (keep out da devil), Gloria in excelsis deo, and a song in Swahili called “Baba Yetu”) Anyways being in Chanber has been an amazing experience because it’s always so happy when we sing in harmony and work hard to sound great! Even if I’m the only one in the room that feels so elated.  (Haha)
  2. Getting accepted into my top choice college- This was an amazing feeling because they are actually the first college I had fully applied to, and they sent me an acceptance letter within a few weeks. They are a Christian college that, out of my state but still only a few hours away. They are a brethren affiliated school, and even though I don’t say I’m part of a specific denomination, I’ve worked with brethren affiliated churches before, some that are actually connected to this school, and I really liked the experience. 
  3. Campus Life- this has nothing to do with college (as people in my school used to and probably still do believe) but it’s a Christian encouragement group is how I always described us. We’ve also unofficially named ourselves “somewhat church” which is awesome… But unimportant. Anyways, this is my 4th year in this group, and this year the advisor is taking initiative to get us well versed in the Bible, (see what I did there? Ahahaha:)) she’s basing the lessons off this book called “God’s big picture” and telling the major points during the meetings. After the first meeting I felt I needed more than just a few major points and she let me borrow the book until she needs it for the next meeting.  I’m finding it very interesting and helpful. I may post about it sometime in the future. I just love that we are getting more involved with God this year than in years past. 
  4. My math class- in my opinion, a great class starts with a great teacher. A great teacher helps you learn the most. This year, my teacher is showing us the harder way to do the problems, and then the less complicated way. We are allowed to use the easier way on tests which I love because it means I make less mistakes. (It’s showing too because i have an A in his class, and I am usually one to get B’s or even C’s in math, which usually has to do with homework or mistakes on tests)
  5. Government- I find government kinda hilarious. My class for that is filled with a bunch of obnoxious boys and they act like they don’t know what they’re doing. I guess it’s not that important. The point is I thought I’d hate government but my teachers awesome and I’m doing well. And it’s actually more interesting than I thought. Especially when we do debates. Those are always very interesting
  6. Hi BibliophilicElephant! 🙂
  7. Also, Hi ZaddaPanda!!!
  8. Girl Meets World-  WHAT? Am I admitting to the world that I watched all 3 episodes of girl meets Texas as the premieres this weekend and was very engaged in every moment of it? Yes I am. I am not ashamed. I guess this isn’t actually related to it being my senior year though.
  9. I would say driving, but I don’t drive. 
  10. English- because I have the 2nd best English teacher I’ve ever had right now, and he just accepts that I’m a nerd for Harry Potter and didn’t even question my sonnet about the Fibonacci sequence (he didn’t even comment, lol, I actually got that assignment stamped right away)
  11. Friends- which doesn’t really include the lunchroom although the only time I’ve ever been able to sit with friends in the lunchroom is like 2 semesters out of 7. Oh well, it does include choir friends, and my good friend I see after school and my teacher-friend I usually visit after school. 
  12. Blogging-I should do it more, it relieves my stress. 

Well okay, that concludes my list for now! 

I’m sorry for my leave of absence readership! I’ll try and do better. 

You guys are awesome! Thank you! 🙂