An alphabet scavenger hunt

Published May 27, 2015 by GenYMission

The other day, my mom and I went on an alphabet photo scavenger hunt. 

I didn’t get  a chance to post about it until now because of finals today. But now I’m out of school! Yay!

Basically we had an hour to go around the mall and take pictures with things that started with each letter of the alphabet. These were my results.

A: Amber eyes

B: beauty


C: coin slot 


D: disney

E: ewwww

F: flower leggings


G: glasses


H: Hogwarts (obviously)

I: nothing

J: nothing

K: nothing

L: lots of Disney 

M:  map


N: nerd glasses in a good way!)

O: ocean 

P: photo booth

Q: question mark

R: rentable cart


S: stitch scarf


T: text talk


U: under the stars

V: the vamps

W: water


X: nothing

Y: nothing

Z: zebra 


So yeah it was fun, it killed an hour ( and the presence of mall stores drained my energy even though I didn’t buy anything)

Do this if you have a bored group of friends and at least 2 cameras. I imagine it’s more fun to do this with a team.

Make sure you have something to keep track of which letters you still need. There’s all kinds of ways to get creative with this activity.

Have fun!

5 comments on “An alphabet scavenger hunt

  • Just checking in on you, Owlivia. Hadn’t seen anything from your blog in a while. Guess school explains that. I enjoyed your pictures here A-Z, interesting goal. Have a great summer and happy “senior” moments to you.

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