Published May 26, 2015 by GenYMission

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nightmares.”

Is it weird that I don’t have nightmares?

I mean, it’s rare that I have a dream that terrifies me. Which I find pretty weird, as I tend to be kind of a nervous and high strung. (Maybe that means my brain i telling me, “What is wrong with you, for once let’s just think about non-disastrous things, and so I get a break at night)

However, now that I start typing this, I’m remembering the few that I’ve had.

Let’s see, just the other night I had a dream that I was sleeping upstairs and heard a noise on the stairs (Not unusual, on a real night, I always go and check and listen, and it’s always nothing)

This time there was a man standing on the stairs he had a gun, and he was trying to talk to me and waved the gun all around.

I squeezed past him and my grandma called the police. Then he agreed not to do anything if we didn’t call the police (Or something, but we’d already called, we didn’t tell him that)

He left and the police came and I kind of lost track of things after that.

I remember one time, when I was about 6 I had this dream that my cousin was on my grandma’s lawnmower and there was a barbie under the lawn mower. I woke up crying.

I think scarier things happen in my mind when I’m a week then asleep. Like sometimes the bells or PA system in my school mess up and randomly sound when they’re not supposed to, and the first conclusion my head makes is that there’s bad guys in the building.

I lie awake at night and constantly prowl the house because I hear noises happening throughout the house.

Maybe I have a bit of a nervous issue.

Anyways, on a completely unrelated note, I have 30 minutes left of school today and then I have tomorrow and then I am done with my junior year! Excitement 🙂

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