100+ awesome ideas for summer vacation

Published May 23, 2015 by GenYMission

So, the other day, a group I’m in decided to make ‘Summer bucket lists’ and have a competition for how many items each of us can complete by the end of the summer. Everyone made a list of 25 items so the competition would be fair. After I was done with my list, I decided I liked making it and wanted to add more to my list (But for competitions sake, I’d only use the original 25 items to compete) So I came up with over 100 things that would be cool to do (Maybe not even all this summer, but someday) Anyways, the top 25 are what I’m using for the competition and the rest are just for fun. (I don’t have anything explained or linked, so if you want something explained or linked tell me) But also, I was thinking that I’d use this as a blogging segment or whatever and as I complete each task I’ll post something about it, maybe say if it made my summer cooler or whatever, and it’ll be fun! now, for the big list!

Learn some constellations (Maybe someday I’ll learn more than the big dipper and orions belt)

“Pinterest day” (friends getting together and failing at pinterest projects together)

Finish a story

Create characters to use in a story

Make a comic strip

Carve a watermelon (THIS SOUNDS AWESOME)

have a glow in the dark party (BECAUSE I LOVE HINGS THAT GLOW)

come up with some really eloquent phrases to describe beautiful (Or completely normal things)

Leave encouraging notes for people to find in random places

Meet my sister at the park

Visit 3 colleges I’ve never considered before

Visit 3 colleges I have considered

Post on my blog regularly (Seriously)

Meet someone new

Do some random acts of kindness

Make people smile

Go to Philadelphia

Make a plan for writing club next year.

Go to the beach

Drive on the road with real cars

Straighten my hair

See “Inside Out” movie

Have a regular daily devotional

Pray more often

Dress up

As a fictional character

just to be fancy

Build a fairy garden!

Catch fireflies


Write a movie script (Or at least start one)

Build your wardrobe with a trip to the thrift store

Take 10 pictures per day

Write a letter to 5 famous people

Email 5 famous people.

Build an epic sandcastle

Make a smoothie.

Make some ice cream (Homemade)

Do yoga-ing

Make root beer floats!

Try a flavor of frappecino you’ve never had.

try a new pizza topping

Go horseback riding

Go into EVERY store at the polaris mall (Sarah)

Enter a writing contest

Paint your nails in a fancy way.

Write a short story

Try some origami

Learn 10 new (odd) words

Make a super ice cream sundae…deluxe

make a pizza flavor

Design a t-shirt

Eye Bombing

Go to every movie on our movie bucket list

Flower Chain

Squirt gun painting

play Laser tag

Go to a few Fairs

Build some Marshmallow Guns and have a marshmallow war

Life- Sized Monopoly Game (does this not sound amazing? Using yourself as your token and giant dice)

Spaghetti tacos (ICarly, anyone?)

Make a butterfly feeder (Awwwwww)

Drive in movie

Make pop tarts

Scuba diving

Time capsule

Learn magic tricks

light Dandelions on Fire! (I heard it makes pretty colors)

Spa day

Volunteer at homeless shelter

Give 20 compliments in 1 day

Go to build-a-bear

Henna Tattoos

Watch a scary movie

Mackinac island


Start a journal to bring out your creative side

Sew a clothing item (This should have interesting results)

sew an accessory (As should his)

learn a new recipe and cook dinner

Try a new food

Collect seashells

see the Sunrise on the beach

Play twister

Eat breakfast for dinner

start a “blessings jar”

Do something DIFFERENT with hair

Try to surf

Flashlight tag


Lay under the stars and just STARE AT THEM

Observe men who are good looking

Watch people’s behavior

See how people act towards you if you try with your appearance

Tie dye stuff

Direct a few videos

Take a few random videos

Make a pie, and let it cool on a windowsill

Play a random beach game with strangers

Enter a sandcastle competition

Make frozen coffee ice-cubes

Invent a recipe

Make some rock candy

Make jolly rancher suckers

Invent a recipe

Join a “Big Buddy” program

Go on an alphabet picture hunt

Go on a nature walk and take pictures of plants, animals, and whatever else is interesting

Try and upcycle something (And laugh at the results)

Have a day playing board games, (some that you played as a kid, like candyland and mousetrap, and some you like now; monopoly, risk)

Have a picnic with: A blanket, and a basket

Make a summer 2015 slideshow, to music!

Make a collage out of old magazines (Because we can!)

Watch a chick flick

Draw with sidewalk chalk (having a theme)

Play mini-golf

Catch fireflies (and then put them in a jar and observe their flicker patterns)

Try to have a pet firefly XD

Make a volcano, just because

Come up with some AMAZING writing prompts

Then write short stories using said prompts

Have a fashion show at different stores

A thrift store


J.C. Penny’s


Buy something from Hot Topic


SPEND AN ENTIRE DAY IN THE LIBRARY!!! (shhhhh) (and research stuff or whatever)

Spend an entire day in Barnes and noble and just read stuff

Learn some language things on duolingo

Do a wood, nail, string craft

Be 100% Vegetarian for 1 week

Be 100% VEGAN FOR A WEEK (Oh goodness gracious)

Interview someone

Learn a dance

Make up a dance

Make up a holiday, and celebrate it

Be able to jog the entirety of the reservoir once.

Go to a store, have a photo scavenger hunt contest

Nature photo scavenger hunt contest

Around the house photo scavenger hunt contest

Shelby photo scavenger hunt contest.


A regular scavenger hunt (Not a photo scavenger hunt)



Take glow sticks, pour them into bubble solution “GLOW IN THE DARK BUBBLES!!!”

Have a water fight

Buy hypo-allergenic face paint, have someone paint your face and then paint other peoples faces

Glow in the dark ring toss

Make a scrapbook of the summer

Go to the zoo

Go rollerblading

Go bowling

Go garage saling

Play hide and seek in walmart AT NIGHT

Take photo booth pictures

Go frog hunting


Go on a hike

Get a pet

Paint a picture on canvas

Buy a polaroid camera and take some pictures with it

Tell a story as you make it up

Learn to play Euchre

Eat fondue

Cook over a campfire

Go on a boat ride

Send your friends postcards randomly

Complete a 500, 750 and 1000 piece puzzle

Plant a kitchen garden in mason jars

Buy some cool, old things (like typewriters, cameras, etc.) From a thrift store

Go to a flea market

Do some workout exercises

Visit planet fitness

Make a bunch of lists

Plant a tree


Get on a chatroom

Make some papier mache craft

Play glow-in-the-dark bowling

Watch nature

Write letters to a soldier

Send some care-packages to soldiers

Make a blanket fort

Create a secret club with secret code names

Go on a secret spy mission

Create an obstacle course

Finger paint

Do some sudoku, crossword, word searches

Make a really hard maze (On Paper)

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Go on a google maps trip

Make up a secret code

Write a haiku

Write a limerick

Write a fake-article with pictures about how awesome (Cough cough lame) my town is

Eat at a restaurant you’ve never tried

Have a sunrise picnic at lake Erie

Go to a restaurant and when they take your order say “Surprise me”

Take a class to learn something new (Preferably free)

Learn some self defense

Doodle in a sketchbook

Try a different ice cream flavor

Go try something new

  1. Actually, I have another idea, you can challenge me to do something else, and I’ll add it to the list (I want to make this list as big as I possibly can!) I might need more than the summer to do it though, I want it to keep growing so that I can just have something to do anytime (I’ll try to post about each thing)
  2. I do have limits though, nothing stupidly dangerous, or sexual. (You read the list, you know what kind of things I’m looking for, traveling places will work, but that will probably require at least a year) (also won’t post photos/videos of myself!)
  3. So, feel free to challenge me to do something!
  4. Later readers! thanks for being awesome

15 comments on “100+ awesome ideas for summer vacation

  • Hey Owlivia!!! You have a really cool blog!!! I love the notebook!! Keep that up!! And the Blog Jar??? AWESOME!!!!!!! That is an amazing idea! 😀 Your title and tagline is awesome and the theme fits perfectly with your title. I’d say to add to your summer list, write a blog post at least once a week. 🙂

    I guess Im suppose to say one thing I’d changed or something…um…so…maybe post more often? Have a contest or something to really involve your readers?

    I love your blog!! It’s awesome!! Keep in touch!


    Liked by 1 person

  • Wow, Owlivia. What positive goals. I see you have something to help you in so many areas of your life – health, intellect, spirit, social. Go for it. And I am glad you plan to report on your list as you fulfill it. Thanks for the like on my Consider the Puppy.

    Liked by 1 person

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