Titles and taglines

Published February 3, 2015 by GenYMission

Hello everyone, I’m actually typing today. The writing is fun to do, but it takes a while, so it’s pretty hard for longer posts.

So, anyways, the second assignment for blogging 101 is posted, asking us to come up with a title and tagline that we love.

I admit,I wasn’t sure of my title, but I think it actually does work very well,and considering it’s also the site address, I think I will leave it as it is.

It does, however, need an explanation.

I mean, what on earth does Untainted and odd have to do with high school and whatever else I’m here to blog about?

Well, it all started in January, when I was first inspired to start a blog (Okay, I wanted to make a blog before that, and tried a couple of times, but it failed.)

I knew I wanted to connect with teenagers through blogging, but there was something that just generally made me feel different from the other teenagers at my school. I guess I have always felt sort of different. Different, as in not really accepted by the general population.

I’m not booted out of anything (Usually) but somehow I just don’t seem to fit in. Why don’t I fit in?

Well, not to get to far into details, I think I may have discovered through listening to and watching people, why I don’t fit in.

  • I don’t get vulgar humor: It makes most of these people laugh, it makes me kind of uncomfortable…
  • I’m not fashion savvy: Although it’s a bit stereotypical, I do see other teenage girls making a big deal about fashion all the time… how cute their new boots are or whatever… I wear a t-shirt and jeans almost everyday, and throw a sweatshirt on top if it’s cold.
  • How is talking about your boyfriend more interesting than researching the Fibonacci sequence? This has actually happened to me before, sophomore year, I was working in a group of three other girls and we got our work done, so the other three started talking, and I think I might have listened for a little while, trying to get involved. But they were talking about their boyfriends, and I’m sure it took me about 2 minutes to realize I didn’t care. What did I do instead? I got out my laptop and continued my venture I had started earlier of learning all I could about Fibonacci numbers.
  • Boyfriends: I’ve never actually had one, but maybe that would make me popular. NO, oh wow where do I even begin…
  • I don’t do saying interesting things well: Communication is key in high school. I guess. I don’t small talk well. “So…uh…what’s your favorite…color?” When you don’t do small talk well it’s usually not a good thing for most aspects of life I hear. I’m improving in this area though… sort of.

So, I guess this still doesn’t explain my name. Untainted, covers the first one. My mind doesn’t work to think vulgarity is cool or funny, which as far as I can tell, makes me weird. Odd just sort of covers everything. all that stuff up there= odd.

And that is essentially how I got the name Untainted and Odd. I may see if I can make my tagline more interesting though.

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